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98 3.0 Caravan No Gages, ABS on, Check Engine On ?

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My 98 Caravan, 140k, w/3.0 was running fine. Got in and started it and no gages are working. The ABS idiot light is ON and the Service Engine Soon light is ON.
The van is running great and doesn't seem to be in limp mode.

I checked for codes with the key on 3 times and got 12,66,66,55. Connected my OBDII box and it seems to be have communication issues. I did get into the data and everything seems to be working like tach, temp, etc. It had problems with the "Read Codes". I had to tell it what the car was then it came back with a P1698.

Anyone have any ideas?

As I said, the van seems to be running fine.

Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas!

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Search here or on google for resoldering the instrument cluster.
You might also try jiggling the key in case it's just the ignition switch but the cluster is the more likely cause for lack of communications.
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