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98 ram will not shift

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Hi folks just joined the forum I have a bit of a problem. I got a used 98 ram with I believe a 46re
The transmission was rebuilt just before I bought it .
after driving It for about a year I got a code for the governor pressure sensor (dont remember the code any longer).it ran and shifted fine but i needed the check engine light off for inspection. changed the sensor and transducer (as I believe its called) with some out of a junk yard because i could not get one anywhere else.but the check light stayed on and it started shifting poor and seemed to slip on left hand turns.
so last week I put in 2 brand new ones and now its giving me the code p1756 and will not shift past second.i hit 3500rpm for 32mph and it just winds.
It will shift manually from 1st to 2nd and back to drive, but nothing else.
Also I have a p0138 code (o2 sensor) I have read the o2 sensor and gov sensor share the same ground, is it possible a bad ground would cause both of these? Where would I find that ground?
I just removed the speed sensor and cleaned it tonight, it had steel dust on the tip and what looked like antiseze on it *shrugs* drove it ,but no change, I might buy a new one and try that but I don't think thats it.
I really dont think its the gov sensor its the 3rd one I have had in it, and dont wanna put in another $35 in
trannny fluid to drop the pan for nothing, any help would be great...thanks guys!