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Ok I know I had to do this some years ago to my Caravan. It is the common problem where the gauges stop working and the van will start and cut off.

We had to solder something in the instrument panel but it has been 3 yrs and I don't remember what it was. I now have a 98 T&C and it has decided to do the same thing.

What I need to know is what it was we soldered or a schematic if anyone has it. Please help...I have to get this thing running again.

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The vehicle harness connects to the instrument panel by a 13 pin connector. If you reflow solder all the joints of this connector it should fix the problem. I have repaired two panels with exactly the same fault. The pin that usually open circuits is the instrument panel ground. I have some repair photo's that I got somewhere of the web but I didn't take note of the web address and I also have some closeups I took myself I can send you if I knew how. Let me know if you need them.
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