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98 voyager 3.0L misfire

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My 3.0L has been repoting. p 0300, p0304 and 305 misfires. Also... blows blue on start up....but appears not to consume oil. Currently 265, 000 km. I replaced all worn plugs that were over .070". Also new wires.cap and rotor with platinum plugs gapped to original spec.
Engine still throws 0300 and 0304. Coolant level remains constant and no moisture in oil.

Your thoughts? Coil? Valve gudes . Valve seating. Injector. Carbon build up?
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Are they the correct Champion RN10PYP4 spark plugs? Treat this and solve as a P0300 fault.
Fuel pressure check OK? Sample some fuel from the fuel pump into a clear plastic bottle and make sure there is no foam or excessive bubbles along with the liquid fuel.
Any sign of fuel or oil carbon fouling on the plugs that you removed?
A cranking Compression test may not show a leak, where a static compression leak-down test would.
Bosch plugs have had issues in these. You will see a side-by-side difference with tip shape/depth (heat range) compared the correct Champion plug.
Has it settled on cylinder #4 as the misfire choice?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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