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I've had some pretty weird experiences testing with ether. I do not trust it anymore to tell me an engine isn't getting fuel*. Start with common sense basics. The engine needs a fuel supply whether you're spraying ether down the venturi or not. Get fuel pressure to the rail, then see what happens.

*Here's one from 1973. Brought-to-me 1951 Willys F4-134 engine. Would not start. Had spark, compression, yadda, Sprayed enough ether to almost put me to sleep. Not a peep out of the engine, not even with a 12-volt over ride of the 6 volt system. Put hand over carburetor, simulating a choke. Engine started instantly. Never found out why old owner had removed the choke plate. How much ether did I try? I can's worth. That's a lot of ether. Not so much as a blip. Put hand over carburetor after 1/2 hour of trying, instantaneous start up. This is part of the stuff one learns in one's lifetime about stuff that is supposed to work versus reality.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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