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99 Caravan no P/S

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So just heard from my grandma, that her van has no P/S and has been this way for some time(2yrs) apparently it has been to a few mechanics and they cannot figure out what is wrong, pump was changed no effect. The van drives just fine, just very hard to steer. Was this a common issue and what would cause it not work? The pump is not making any noise either, even more strange.

It is a 99 caravan with 3.3 and about 230k miles.
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A quick and dirty pump pressure check can be done by cracking the high-pressure fitting loose and turning the steering wheel slightly. It should spurt. Have a drain pan and rags handy and beware fluid on hot exhaust or on you. Wear eye protection and use safe vehicle jacking/support practices.
A pump producing pressure and under load should make some noise. It is either the pump, lines or gear.
Check fluid condition for metal or debris. It should still use the amber p/s fluid.
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