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Check fault codes, first, always.

If you're sure that there is enough fuel, then disregard the fuel gauge not reading and focus on what prevents it from starting.

When you say the "fuel relays clicks repeatedly when the ignition is turned on", do you mean it clicks once each time the key is turned to ON, or that it chatters repeatedly when turned each time to ON? If the latter, then there is not enough power being supplied by the battery, whether a bad ground, terminals dirty, or failing battery.

For most MoPars, the fuel pump relay is cascaded in series with the ASD relay. This means that the fuel pump relay coil is energized by the LOAD side of the ASD relay when the ASD relay closes. So if the fuel pump relay won't always close, and you can crank but not start, the ASD relay may not be closing reliably.

But check the fault codes first and report back. And Welcome to Allpar!
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