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dankbud187 said:
99 durango 5.2 slt: The fuel relays clicks repeatedly when the ignition is turned on. When these two thing occur the truck will crank but will not start occasionally the relay wont click and the gauge will work the truck will start and run flawlessly.
Are you 100% positive its the fuel pump relay and not the ASD relay? You can replace sensors forever and never cure the problem if theres a broken or corroded wire.

I had a very similar problem with my fuel pump/fuel guage recently on my Ram and it turned out to be a broken wire harness/bad connector at the fuel pump. Unplug the fuel pump and check to see if your getting voltage(and ground works) down there where your supposed to consistantly, also check that harness going along the frame the and look for anywhere it might be damaged or broken ground in the vicinity.

Might be as simple as the previous owner replaced the connector at the fuel pump and its got a weak or corroded contact now and I would definately look at that 1st with your fuel gauge not working.. theres likely a problem in that harness somewhere. Theres usually enough room to get your hand in there and unplug the connector and pull it out far enough for inspection, be sure to look close at the wire insulation.

If something is tripping your ASD relay it will also shut down your fuel pump and coils, but your gas guage will continue to work. (Example)If the computer doesnt recieve signal from your crank pos sensor for about a second anytime from the time you start cranking, it will trip your ASD and youll get no fuel or spark.
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