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Since the 44RE is a derivative of the A500, a torque converter for the spline pattern for the A500 series would probably work provided that it's a lockup torque converter, as I expect the 44RE, 42RH/E, 40RH/E, and A500 all to have the same spline count on the input shaft and same flexplate mounting points when used with the LA and Magnum series V8 engines. External balance weights on the torque converter will probably differ though, so you'll need the correct balancing to ensure no vibration.

I don't know for a fact, but the spline pattern might even go as far back as the lockup 904/998/999 transmissions from the eighties, so there could be some torque converters for those applications that might fit and provide some performance. Again, the balance weights would need to be addressed. Furthermore, the slant six got the 904/998/999, and the 3.9L V6 also got those transmissions, so there could be some stall speeds meant for those that might be compatible with yours, assuming that the flexplate mountings (in the case of the slant six) are the same.

Take care to not overheat, typically higher stall converters are also smaller and more heat prone. A lot of racers uses torque converters from smaller engine applications in their drag cars to get the stall, but they go through their drivetrains regularly or else expect to break stuff.

Bear in mind that the overdrive unit is almost separate from the rest of the design on these units, almost like a 904 transmission with an overdrive tacked on the end. That's an oversimplification, but not gratuitously so. You might actually have a fault with the overdrive and it doesn't manifest until it leaves 1:1 in the overdrive unit for the overdrive ratio.
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