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99 Grand Caravan Headlight switch or instrument cluster?

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Hey Guys, my son and I went to Nashville this morning to look at a car for him and on the way there, it was very dark and overcast, so I had my headlights on. I noticed every few minutes or so that the odometer and trip meter would flicker on and off. It didn't do that when I turned the headlights off. I'm wondering if maybe the headlight switch is getting hinky or maybe I'm starting to have the infamous instrument cluster starting to fail. What do you guys think? I may be having a trip to Pull-A-Part in the upcoming week.
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I'll give that a try, A.J. Thanks. I have noticed that the dimmer switch in mine is kind of touchy. It doesn't work the way it should. I get get another one for about five bucks, I think.
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