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99 sebring conv 2.5/can I install bushing in lower cntrl arm

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The lower control arm in my 99 sebring conv jxi has a bushing in the back of it that is shot. It is all chewed up and the spacer in the middle of it just falls out by itself and theres no fixing it at all. I found a replacement bushing at Auto Zone for about 20 bucks but Im a little worried I wont be able to press it in with a c-clamp. Can I do that or do I have to take it to a machine shop to get the new bushing pressed in? Or should I just buy a whole new arm with the bushings already in it? Has anybody ever done this or had this issue? Thanks!
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Yea, and you are exactly right. Thats the way to go too because I got a feeling that the bushing is going to be hard to press into the bushing. And by the time you buy 2 bushings at 20 bucks each thats almost a new one and I still have to do the labor or getting them in. And getting the tore up one out. So that answers my question. Thanks!

Whats deal with the logging in? Ive seen your avatar thing and name a lot so I wonder whats wrong? But anyway, thanks and get with the system administrator so we can get ya back in. We need ya sometimes man. Wheres the interweb guy when we need him?? Ha
Went to you pull it yard and got a drivers side lower control arm out of a 99 Cirrus. This Cirrus cant have many miles on it. All over the car there's ex looking parts. I think it was taken care of by whoever owned it pretty well. The arm was in ex shape for a 99. I almost got the wheel bearing too but thought Id be pushing my luck a little to far. Went ahead and bought that at Advance for 59 bucks and it was the complete wheel bearing. Both housings. I guess there's some things you just don't reuse now that I think about it. Like water pumps. Spark plugs maybe.
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