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99 T&C Limited - inside door handle broken

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She tired to get out of the car and the drivers door (inside) hadle just came loose. Not hooked up any more.
What do I have to do here?
Is this a common fialure you guys know about already?
We have a Haynes manual that does not show anything that would help.

We are retired, and about broke. I think this Van is gonna finish us off.
Help please.
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You should be able to pull the door trim panel and take a look. Maybe the latch link has popped off?
A phillips screwdriver and wide flatblade (trim stick pry tool) should be all you need. Pry on cold plastic very carefully and gently as it can crack. Warming the interior first may help keep plastic more pliable and you comfortable. If the panel doesn't unfasten from the sheetmetal, look for what may still be holding it.

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I remember a plastic piece in the door that connects two linkage rods. There are screws by the inside handle to remove the handle section, but I don't remember if you can access the piece without removing the whole inner panel.
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