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Yeah i hope so.....but what does the Dexron destroy in a A604?
And what can you say about the transfluid condition? It´s definatly worn....does not smell like ATF+4...
As posted Dexron has a different coefficient of friction. Dexron is "grabbier" while ATF+4 is "slippery". ATF+4 is needed to allow the proper "slippage" in the A604/41TE (Ultradrive) and other electronically controlled transmissions (545RFE, 62TE, etc) manufactured by Chrysler . The use of Dexron will eventually destroy the clutches.

If it isn't slipping or shuddering you may be alright, but I would expect a shorten transmission life - depends on how long it was actually in there. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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