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A bunch of fault codes....

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I got a call from my dad today, and His 04 Ram 2500 Diesel (6spd manual) started to surge while driving. He said the RMP would go up and down inconsistently - the check engine light came on and he got all these codes
from what I found online, they seemed to be different systems (SKIM Key, 4x4 sensor, ect...) He hasn't had any issues in the past, and it "only" has 230,000 miles on the clock. Anyone have any ideas?
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Wow sounds somewhat major - I am going to forward all this to him. You guys are awesome! He has not had any problems (the fuel filter did get clogged once on a trip causing it to max out at 65, but that happened under 100,000 miles.)

I will give you an update if I get any more info, or once its resolved.
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