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A/C Compressor Replacement - How much oil?

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Well, after 268,000 miles, the A/C compressor on my PT finally seized. I have a replacement on the way. However, does anybody know how much oil is added to the compressor? I know I usually read to drain the oil from the bad compressor and put the same amount back in. However, after this many miles, I'd rather know how much SHOULD be in there.


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It's dependent on how much is left in the rest of the system, which is why they advocate the drain/measure method. There's oil in the compressor, the high pressure line, the expansion valve, the evaporator coil, etc...

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Compressors usually are shipped with sufficient PAG oil inside to lube the compressor. While installing the compressor, watch for any oil loss during the operation and estimate and replace what was lost.
The scary thing is if the old compressor seized, has it sent metallic debris into the lines? Chrysler doesn't recommend flushes because it doesn't always catch everything. Debris circulating in the system can eventually kill the new compressor and/or cause the expansion valve to malfunction.
Replacing the receiver/dryer and checking the high-pressure line for debris may be warranted before replacing a seized compressor.
Vacuum the system down, hold vacuum for a few minutes and then recharge.

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Late model condensors usually have internal passages which cannot be flushed and replacement of the condensor is required when a compressor is replaced.

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Just wanted to provide the resolution of this. When I took off the old compressor, there was no oil. The capacity of the PT's system is 6 oz of oil (according to the FSM). Following directions I found elsewhere, I put 3 oz in the compressor, and 3 in the accumulator. I assumed the system was dry, due to repeated leaking at a the joint for a cheap Chinese accumulator (which is now replaced).

Pulled a vacuum on the system, and charged it. System works great. Had to get this done the day before driving from Florida to NJ for my Dad's funeral, who died after a long bout with Alzheimer's. He taught me how to do most of this stuff, and was a great engineer. Hope I'm half as good of an engineer as he was.

In any case, the A/C worked great the entire trip, and continues to work great. The compressor is nice and quiet as well.
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