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1986 LeBaron convertible, 2.2L T2 with A413. 1989 J convertible dash and console modified to fit.
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On my Turbo II K-car, I ran into an issue when I tried to convert to R134a, the cooling fan on the Turbo II radiator is the same as the normal K-Car one, but the shroud is quite a bit narrower due to the intercooler attached to the left end of the radiator. Between that and the normal lack of decent sealing between the condensor and radiator/intercooler would let the head pressure climb so high at a stoplight that the belt would burn up. I am resurrecting the setup in a 1986 LeBaron convertible replacing the totaled 1985. My plan is to use a modified 1999 Ford Contour fan set. They are originally a puller pair with a resistor for low, and straight battery power for high. I will be using the normal computer control for low, and want to use a pair of the high pressure switches (one for fan and one compressor cutout) from a 1993 Grand Caravan. I have the pigtails to wire everything up with and have fitted and tested the fans.

My problem is finding the fittings to put in the K-Car A/C lines. The switches go on a Schrader valve fitting that is 3/8-16 thread. I have not found any I can buy, the ones on the piece of line I removed form the Caravan in a junkyard are welded to the aluminum line. I can do them that way, but if the line ever had to be replaced, it would need to be done again. If anyone knows a source for some fittings like this that can be screwed in it would help.
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