The official Fast & Furious Facebook page recently shared a quick glimpse of some of the “hero cars” from the upcoming automotive action flick Fast 8.  They include a massively modified Ram truck and a classic Dodge Charger that is almost as outrageously customized as the truck.

The Ram truck (below) will be driven by Officer Luke Hobbs, played by Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.  As has been the case in almost every Fast & Furious movie, the classic Dodge Charger will be driven by lead character Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel.


Unfortunately, the official Facebook page only offered up the two pictures shown above, which hardly shows anything “Ram” about this truck, but we do get a pretty good look at Dom’s newest Dodge Charger.


Fortunately, a friend of mine was recently in Las Vegas for work when he happened upon the Fast 8 Charger in the Mandalay Bay Conference Center. He snapped a bunch of pictures and he was kind enough to share those pictures with Allpar – so here they are!


As we can see in the official image, Dominic Toretto will be driving a black classic Dodge Charger with a 1970 front end, a unique widebody package with rear air vents and huge wheel flares over custom wheels, and some heavy duty looking windows. The official image also shows some interesting trim along the bottom of the doors, a slightly raised cowl area of the hood, and a bunch of bullet holes along the side.


Features we cannot see in the official image above, but which can be these images, are the Hellcat-like vents in the hood, the dual rear R/T stripes, a flat aluminum rear spoiler, a massive rear diffuser setup under the back bumper, 1968 style taillights and – most notably – what appears to be a helicopter engine setup. I could be wrong about this being a helicopter drivetrain, but it certainly appears to be some sort of aircraft engine.

Finally, there is an exhaust port just in front of the passenger’s side rear wheel, leading me to believe even more strongly that the contraption in the back is an addition engine.


I have to wonder if Dom’s Fast 8 Charger will “fly” as in driving very fast – or if it will literally leave the ground and take flight. At this point, a flying car really wouldn’t surprise me in the Fast & Furious movies, and I cannot wait to see this newest F&F Dodge Charger in action on the big screen.


The movie isn’t set to hit theaters until 2017, but when it drops, we can expect to see this pair of Mopar monsters performing stunts that only the Fast & Furious series can offer.


Thanks to Jim for the photos!