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A little introduction

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I'd like to introduce myself ...My Name is Pierre and I am a "rag top" guy...I have 2 of them and have a difficult time deciding which one to take... I have an 08 Sebring hard top convertible which is our "every day car" as well as a 1994 Lebaron convertible that is my project car. I test all the crazy things I do using this car and still get to drive it around at the same time. I've been an active member of the Chrysler Sebring Convertible Club for a few years and look forward to many discussions here on this site!

I live in Western Massachusetts so my "top down" time is somewhat limited but We do the best we can...
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Welcome to Allpar, Pierre. One of our more respected member her lives in MA. His name is Bob Lincoln. We look forward to hearing about your escapades and are here to help with your vehicles if the need arises.
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