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A question about OSRAM XENARC light

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I have a 2006 300C. My left headlight is acting up. It goes off then on randomly so I was told better to change it. Now, I have removed my light bulb from the car and I am thinking of ordering it from Ebay. My problem is that there are different codes than the one I have and I just need to know what these numbers are referring to. OSRAM XENARC electronic D1S 35W 66043 Germany. Now this number here I have to buy a light with these same numbers? That is my question and thank you.
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This is a HID bulb? They rarely blow and if they do, they will usually have a 'smoky' appearance inside the lamp.
You may want to have the TIPM checked for fault codes as it can store open or short conditions for either side headlamp. It could also be a faulty ballast.
The Chrysler bulb # is 4865941AC. Aftermarket may have a slightly different color (K).
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