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dartndodge said:
Ok, this is a legitimate question, which I would think would have a simple answer, but Im sure Brampton people would know the answer.

The Allpar Forum and Chrysler enthusiasts in general, have been told that both the Chrysler 300 AND the Dodge Charger are built on the same platform..the LX platform (and Challenger basically), and we have been informed via this forum, that they are ALL built at the same factory/production line..

So Question, Is the 300 and Charger BASICALLY the same car?

Question, Is the 300 and Charger, built on the Same production line, at the same time?


Question, Is the mechanical parts of the 300 and Charger the the front end, steering, rear end, brakes etc etc.?

for the most part yes

Question, Is the wiring loom the same/or every similar (as in interchangeable) for the 300 and the Charger?

yes, but different cars have different options making many different wire harnesses

Question, Are the Right Hand Drive, 300s built on the Same production line as the North American Market 300s and Chargers....or are they built in China or Timbucktoo or on the Moon?

same line, one after another, this also answers the next question

Question, When a RHD market car comes down the production line, is it sent to a different area for fitment of ..suspension, steering, wiring loom, dashboard....etc, or is it made in batches of 20 at a time??, or is it made at the same time as LHD cars, or is the production line stopped and rearranged for the production of RHD cars?

rovers do some non standard jobs on RHD but otherwise jobs are similar
dartndodge said:
Question, Would the 300 RHD dashboard and steering components fit into a Charger body?

Question, How different are the RHD 300 Firewall, etc, to the LHD domestic 300s?

Question, Could the 300 RHD firewall be fit onto the Charger body as it is produced, say right after a rhd 300 body?

Conclusion....Can a Dodge Charger Body be made on the same production line, with the same components as a RHD 300 body at the same time as a RHD 300 body is going along? Yes, using the same 300 dashboard, wiring and gauges etc (for simplicity purposes).
Most of these other questions are beyond my knowledge base.

dartndodge said:
An answer/s would be appreciated, from the people who actually make these cars....
1000s of potential buyers outside the North American market, are interested in the outcome.

Note associated story....Australia is to get a "SPECIAL" SRT 300...

We would really prefer a "Special" Charger SRT thankyou.......Ralph.........
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