The Jeep 75th Salute concept vehicle was shown last week as a  tribute to the modern Wrangler’s military heritage. Based on a two-door Wrangler Sport, it has no B-pillars or doors, and wears Army olive-drab.

Jeep Salute concept

Allpar now has many more photos of the Salute, some posed with its distant 75-year-old relative.  While quite a bit has changed over the years, with CJs and then the Wrangler growing ever-longer and, recently, more aerodynamic, quite a bit remains the same, too. The Wrangler has nearly five times the horsepower of the original, and is far less likely to flip over, but it still has exceptional capability and versatility — and one form, the J8, is still seeing “small recon vehicle” duties.   See our main Salute page .