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A670 issues and the correct approach to fixing them

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I still have the 95 Caravan, 3.0L + A670 transmission. The slippage that I had persisted even after I adjusted the kickdown (

The transmission is at the point where I can barely get the thing to go into gear. Reverse is almost non-existent, though it surprises me on occasion and begrudgingly works. Now that it's cold out, if I don't let the car warm up for about 15 minutes, there's zero chance of the thing moving. Once it's warm, it takes a bit of throttle blipping in D to get it to go into gear.

It's acting like when you first learned to drive a stick and rode the clutch to get the car to move, easing off the clutch until you were confident that you could let off completely.

Once the van is moving, it still doesn't shift properly and gets stuck in first or second gear frequently. Eventually it'll go into 3rd, but it usually takes gunning the engine over and over while it's between gears or while it's stuck in a gear. Sometimes it simply won't go into 3rd at all. Pulling away from a stop is sometimes accompanied by shuddering. Easing up off the gas can usually get me around this. Another thing I've noticed is fluid level: The last time I checked the fluid (car in park after cycling through gears, completely level) it read low so I added about a quard of fluid to it... After which it read very high... As in I probably had two quarts too many in there and with no drain plug I'm screwed until I can drop the pan.

I've read a few posts here and I'm thinking that it's time to replace some things. I've never really worked on a transmission before, so this is new ground for me, but I'm by no means a noob at working on a car. I just need to make it until the summer or close to it before I can get rid of this thing for a van in a bit better shape so I'm looking at doing the following:

Drop the pan, replace the pan gasket and fluid (it's leaking a bit)
Replace the valve and governor body
Replace the filter

I'm hoping that these will get this thing going properly. The shuddering has me concerned because the last car I had that did this I ended up up having to replace the trans.
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Bad news. It's probably just about to quit pulling entirely. Plan on a complete rebuild and right now.

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Agree. The replacement of the valve body and governor probably aren't going to fix anything. The band adjustment was a shot in the dark and it is probably the front and rear clutches that are failing. Late shifts and delayed engagement can be a sign of clutch wear.
A scatter kit should contain new seals and clutches and filter/gasket, but maybe not thrust washers.
Use transmission assembly lube for pre-lube and installing seals, not Vaseline or wheel bearing grease.
A reman torque converter may be a good idea too if the fluid is dark or clutch/metallic debris is present. There is no real way to flush a converter on the bench.
Make sure that the ATF cooler is clear of old fluid/debris and isn't plugged up.
You will need use of a slide hammer and press and maybe a parts cleaning tank/air gun.
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