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ABS 1999 Dodge Avenger/Chrysler Sebring coupe

2600 6
Warping rotors every 30,000 mi, no abs trouble light in the dash. I verified the abs dash light works. Rotors, brakes, calipers, master cylinder, and front brake hoses have been replaced.

The system has also been bleed. I think it's a teves mark 20 abs system.
R Rear disk
L Front disk
L Rear disk
R Front disk

I don't have a DRB scan tool to do the programmed abs bleed procedure.

All 4 wheel speed sensors measure a resistance of 1.7-1.72k.

Tried ceramic pads and drilled rotors, same issue. The brakes and abs system all function with no noticeable issues until it eventually warps the rotors. I don't loose any brake fluid in the system over time. The brake pedal activation stays firm not soft. I think that the brakes are staying on just enough to where I can't tell.

Could the system just need a bleed with a DRB scan tool?
Even with no trouble light on the dash, possible the abs ecu or hcu is causing this?