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ABS Sensor Replacement No Help - Now What?

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I've just finished replacing all four of the ABS wheel speed sensors on my 06 300C yet the three warning lights - ABS, EPS-BAS, and traction control - remain on. How long should it take for the system to reset with the new sensors? Is there something I need to do to force it to look for the new sensors?

Also, I am having all sorts of problems with the navigation system which I believe started around the same time as that the ABS system started having problems. Any chance the two are related?

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If the ABS/EPS-BAS warning lights are on, then fault codes are stored in the ABS module that may help to diagnose the root problem. We need these fault codes first before suggesting the next course of action. You will need to use an advanced scan tool like StarScan/StarMobile/ WiTech or equivalent to acces fault codes and tests. Diagnosis first!
All 4 wheel speed sensors failing at the same time would be very unlikely. Were there fault codes for these?
A short road test with the following should re-initialize the ABS/ESP:

NOTE: For Sensor Signal and Pump Motor faults, the ABM must sense all 4 wheels at 12 km/h (7.5 mph) before it will extinguish the ABS indicator.

NOTE: If the ABM (Anti-Lock Brake Module), SAS (Steering Angle Sensor), Dynamics Sensor was replaced, it must be initialized using the scan tool. If not initialized, the ABS indicator will flash continuously with no DTCs. To initialize the ABM and clear offsets have wheels pointing straight ahead and follow the directions on the scan tool. The drive test requires a 90° turn and turning wheel from lock to lock. If the Dynamics Sensor was replaced, test drive the vehicle by turning the vehicle left or right in a curving manner at a velocity between 10 and 25 km/h (6 and 15 mph).

The NAV may need the ABS/ESP to be active for vehicle speed and vector information, so this may be a related problem.

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I have not been able to have the car scanned as my mechanic's scanner is out for updating. He advised replacing the wheel sensors as he felt they are the likely failure point 99% of the time which made sense given their exposure to the elements. Since they were cheap enough and easy enough to replace, I simply did all of them even though I agree it was unlikely that all four were bad.

It sounds like the only way to get the system to reset is by going through a drive sequence with the scanner even if the wheel sensors were in fact the problem so I'll have to wait until his scanner comes back from Snap-On.

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