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AC recharge wont take

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Bought a bottle of 134 hooked it up and gauge is in red according to instructions that indicates mechanical issue and states seek professional help.
Without relizing this I tried charging it went into blue zone then to yellow .All this time compressor cycling then it went to red again .
Disconnected bottle and revved up engine and I believe the compressor may have a relief valve all I know it sounded like it discharged freon and I could see it come up from under vehicle. Hopefully I havent damaged anything but any clues what they mean by having mechanical issue. It just seemed to blow cold air when on open highway but light to light not cold enough. Any info would be helpful
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Your radiator fan must come on or at least cycle on with the compressor in order to cool the condenser. Without the condenser being cooled by passing air, high-side pressures will skyrocket and dump out the high-pressure safety valve.
Driving along with air moving through the condenser and radiator, you may not need the radiator fan on. Diagnose for that.
It is not good to indiscriminately just add refrigerant without first seeing if it needs it first. If it does need it, you probably have a leak anyways (it is supposed to be a closed system). Now there is no way of knowing how much refrigerant is left in the system. Always diagnose first.

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I second that, there's probably a leak somewhere. It's not exactly impossible for a system to very slow leak down a bit over a decade, but if you add refrigerant and it starts working and then stops again then it's going somewhere.

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Question for Paulie? You mentioned a "They" said you have a mechanical issue.

Did your AC guy put a sniffer on the car? or a manifold gauge?


My father drove his 2005 for more than a year without a functioning fan in Michigan??

Imagine my surprise when I inherited the car. Dah!!
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