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Adjusting extreme negative camber

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Got a 74 Plymouth Valiant Brougham with severe negative camber. The inside inch of the front tires wears out very quickly, tires leaning in @ the tops when viewed head on. Spent hundreds at tire shop & problem still there. They said they'd have it aligned on the rack, but when they drove it around & put it back on the rack, the car was out of alignment again! Said they couldn't figure out why. No more $ to throw away, so I want to adjust the camber myself. How do I proceed? I'm guessing I can adjust the upper control arms, but how? Do I need to adjust the longitudinal torsion bars too? If so how? I have a Haynes manual & little knowledge in this area, just teaching myself as I go along as I can't afford a real mechanic. So any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Btw, this is my 1st post- Thanks!