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I've looking around the forums for a little while and there seems to be a lot of great information here, so I'm hoping I can get a bit of advice.
I have an opportunity to purchase a 1964 Signet 200 convertible with the 225ci. Owner is asking $3400.
The car appears to be in pretty good condition and I've spoken with the owner over the phone, and put my hands on the car, sat in it, opened the hood, etc.
The owner says it had a basic restoration about 10 years ago, now it needs a master cylinder and a hydraulic pump for the top. The floor pan on the drivers side has been replaced.
The only rust I can find on the car is just ahead of the rear wheels where the paint is beginning to bubble.
The owner said it runs and I can come drive it around the parking lot, just give him time to charge the battery before I get there.

My questions:
What are the typical things I should be looking for with a car like this?
This is my first classic car, but I have quite a bit of experience with old motorcycles.

Thank you all for any advice.
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