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Advice on removing an immobilizer

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My '84 LeBaron has an aftermarket immobilizer installed right under the fusebox panel on the driver's side. A conduit goes from it through the firewall and comes up near the relays at the drivers side strut tower sprouting four wires.

I'd like to remove it, but wanted advice for anything to look out for. Specifically, do I have to worry about disconnecting the immobilizer's wiring? As far as I know, it doesn't work at all, but it does have three wires that remain connected and one that is plugged off.

The three that are connected are: blue to starter relay; red to starter relay to battery, and black to coil negative post (I think-- I can't figure out where it goes exactly, but there is a second black wire on the coil post that I'm guessing is from the immobilizer since it looks the same and I don't know why there would be two wires on that post). The black one could, of course, be a ground or something else, so it may be going anywhere once it enters the conduit.

Anyway, my question is: If I disconnect all those wires, is there anything that should go into the starter relay in the place of the wire from the immobilizer or can I just leave that connection in the relay empty?

I guess the easiest question is: Can I just take off all the immobilizer wires and not worry about anything else?

I haven't tried to do anything yet.