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After the poor van was up to the windsheild in sea water from hurrican

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My son bought the 1978 dodge tradesman maxivan in 2012 for $1,500 in California, he wanted to travel the country after being discharged ffrom the Marines. At first I thought he could of better spent his money than on a gas guzziling money pit. I drove it for him from San Diego to New York and gotta admit it was pretty cool. Not one problem, cross the dessert in July and plenty of power up mountains even the Boarder Patrol loved it. The old van earned it's respect from me. I parked it in Brooklyn without a spot of rust. Then mother nature gave it a salt water bath in the Atlantic Ocean durring hurricane Sandy ( my wifes name).

i was doing good cleaning it up. All I spent was $100 on a starter, oil and lubricant spray. I cranked the water out of the cylinders cleaned the carburetor and it started, then New York City impounded it. City law 7 days parked on a street without being moved is considered abandoned That sucked, we had to pay the city $300 for a van that was under sea water.

After being startred it didn't seem to be burning any oil, and the trans. seemed to be ok at an idle speed with just changing the fluid.

So now I am going all the way, Everybody thinks I'm crazy except my son, he says you have to drive it cross country to understand..

I have a carburetor and distributor ordered from autozone. took advantage of 25% off mail order.
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Don't forget to change the rear diff fluid as well. If the axle was submerged, water could have gotten in the vent.
If the ATF gets any hint of a Pepto-Bismol tinge to it, flush it again.

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Might also not be a bad idea to pull the hubs off the spindles up front, to make sure that there's no saltwater inside having fun with the bearings.

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You're going to have perpetual electrical problems because of corrosion in connectors.

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I replaced the relay but still wont start with the key. I have been jumping the starter. Something is throwing out when i turn the ignition i am guessing the solenoid switch. since i hear something clicking by the battery I figured the ignition was ok even though sand and corrosion falls from the steering collum..
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