After years of rumors, mostly at Allpar , Ram is launching a new and prosaically named “Multifunction Tailgate” on its Ram 1500 pickups.

one-door MultiFunction Tailgate 2019 Ram

The unique tailgate is the first to let the owner choose, at any time, whether to drop it down like a traditional pickup tailgate, or to swing it open with its 60/40 split doors. The drop-down setup is fully dampened, and has remote release options.

lowered Ram tailgate MultiFunction

The independent swing-open doors make curbside loading and climbing into the bed far easier, and can make it easier to load bulky items or wash out the bed. They also allow forklift loading directly into the bed. The Multifunction Tailgate (MultiGate?) comes with spray-in bedliner, since owners will be using their truck beds more.

trailer with MultiGate

Unlike other multi-element tailgates, the Ram Multifunction Tailgate is does not require hitch or trailer removal before opening; It can also withstand a two thousand pound load. The doors swing open 88°; a retractable center-mounted step eases access further.

Ram 1500 split tailgate
The final product looks just like this mule—except the sides are better aligned

The new tailgate can be purchased alongside the RamBox cargo  system, which includes weatherproof, lockable, illuminated, and drainable storage bins built into the bed rails, with a 115-volt, 400-watt power outlet.

2016 ram tailgate
Allpar published the patent drawings above back in 2014 . Our last confirmation story was in 2018 .

The Multifunction Tailgate will be available across all seven 2019 Ram 1500 models and will reach dealerships in the second quarter of 2019. The list price is $995, not including the $295 optional center step.

MultiFunction Tailgate open