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Air Ride 2013

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Am interested in the new air ride for in a 1500. Need to know what the seat height is in the lowered position. We have a 2002 Dakota Crew cab and the height from the ground to the seat cushion is 30 inches.I measured a 2012 quad cab and the height is 40 inches. Are there any lowing kits to get 2012 lower? We need about 30 inch height as we are older and cannot get into a high pickup.
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A step is an option. But my wife has trouble with her legs and they don't move very good. She can get in by setting down easier. Stopped at the Ram dealer last Monday and a factory guy was there doing training and had a 1500 with the air ride on it. He lowered it for me and it came down to 36 inches to the top of the seat cushion. He said it was a $1600 option. Availability not until March. Guess we will wait and see.
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