The first Alfa Romeo Giulia for public sale was built at the Cassino Plant in Italy earlier today, based on a trio of photos spread around the Internet from uncertain sources.

First Alfa Romeo Giulia

This particular launch photo was supplied on the Allpar forums by “Abarthisti;” it hails from a Facebook Alfa Romeo group.  The “pasted in” look around the man in the bottom right seems to be a trick of the light.

Production was supposed to start around two weeks ago; no official announcement appeared on the FCA or Alfa Romeo media sites. Assembly is likely to start slowly and then ramp up, with European cars in the early days and export (e.g. to the USA) cars coming in future months.

The new Alfa Romeo is the first car on a jointly engineered FCA worldwide platform/architecture, using rear wheel drive; it will later spread to Dodge and possibly to other brands, such as Chrysler and Jeep.  Many variants have been planned, including the inevitable crossover.