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All-New 2023 Grand Wagoneer makes its International Debut in the Middle East

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The All-New 2023 Grand Wagoneer makes its International Debut in the Middle East: Ushering a New Standard of Off-Road Capability, Technology and Luxury

Christian Meunier, Jeep® Brand CEO. “The all-new Grand Wagoneer was developed from the start with North America and the Middle East in mind. We engineered and tested the Grand Wagoneer in both regions to deliver the ultimate combination of luxury, technology, and best-in-class off-road capability.”
The 2023 Grand Wagoneer features a 25-degree approach angle, 24-degree departure angle, 22-degree breakover angle and a ground clearance of 10 inches/ 25.4cm. This combination enables up to 24 inches/ 61cm of water-fording capability.
The High Output (HO) Hurricane engine for the Grand Wagoneer is optimized for great performance (493hp /670 Nm of torque) while maintaining significant fuel economy during heavy use, such as towing.
Starting Price pre-VAT: $ 126,800.
Yesterday, Mr. Meunier introduced the Grand Wagoneer in the middle east market (at UAE).

Some journalists covered the event on snapchat, so I took some interesting pictures,

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below image shows that the Hurricane I6 Twin Turbo (HO) will come with 493 hp (not 510hp)
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here you can see that the GW will come with some off road features:
  • 145L fuel Tank
  • onboard air compressor
  • air induction sand separator
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Thats what I have so far. If I managed to get something else, I will update this post.


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