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Allpar 2015 Survey: The State of Mopar and Allpar

Allpar has done end-of-year reader surveys for some years now; starting in 2013, we made them shorter. This year, we had 958 participants, though not everyone answered all questions. We discovered afterwards that Google Insights was only showing seven choices to any one person for the first two questions, which therefore add up to over 100%.

Let's dig right in:

Which of these predicted cars are you most looking forward to?

Given the abysmal sales of the last Jeep Wrangler-based pickup, we really were expecting different results here. We thought that the midsize rear wheel drive cars would come in higher, and perhaps they would have had we not split them - together they account for 29% which would have been the most popular.

A new Jeep Compass doesn't seem to be exciting many people.

What were the best things FCA did in 2015?

Allpar readers though the best thing FCA did during 2015 was growing - with 24% more saying just staying alive was an achievement (numbers add up to over 100%).

Technical achievements followed: improving the nine-speed (24%), upgrading the Pentastar (21%). Then came the Jeep Renegade, and, well below that, changing from Fiat to FCA and launching the Viper ACR.

What were the worst things FCA did in 2015?

Releasing the Renegade nine-speed too early was rated FCA's #1 gaffe, followed fairly closely by changing the name of the local company from Chrysler Group to FCA US. Executive shuffles came in surprisingly strong, and a small minority did not like seeing Fiat SpA changed to Fiat Chrysler.

We asked people what kind of menus Allpar should have. Dropdowns won out despite poor performance in the past, so they will return. Both the dropdown and two-line beat single buttons.

We also asked about the new "no banner" headers, which use a small Allpar logo instead of the traditional Web-site "this is who we are" banner. 47% did not care, 13% didn't know what we meant, 28% thought it was better, and 12% thought it was not as good (women were far more likely to prefer the new look). You can see the results at the top of this (and any non-forums) page.

What were the best things Allpar did in 2015?

Looking internally, we asked for the best thing Allpar did this year. Unfortunately for our stress levels, the top two items were both news-related: staying on top of the news (36%) and revealing new information and rumors (32%), totalling 68%.

As with FCA, simple survival was also valued (17%).

There was one open-ended question about
what people wanted Allpar to do most in 2016; the dominant theme was to keep doing what we're doing, which is encouraging. We will be looking at individual items.

Which cars, if any, are you planning to buy in 2015 or 2016?

Google did not let us choose an "other" and "no car" category, so we did the best we could. Dodge was, surprisingly, the most popular choice, placing above Jeep - whose sales have beaten Dodge for a while now. The numbers were fairly close, though, and we'll see what happens as time goes along. It's possible we simply don't attract as many Jeep buyers/owners as Dodge buyers/owners.

There was a definite gender difference here, with women opting for Jeep over Dodge, 28% to 17% - and Ram over Chrysler, 17% to 6% (for men, the numbers were 26% Dodge, 21% Jeep, 13% other brands, 12% Ram, 10% Chrysler). No women favored the Fiat brands or non-Mopars. By age, there were no differences until we went to 65%, and Chrysler suddenly dominated.

If you took the survey - thank you. If you didn't - next year is just 12 months away.

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