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Allpar 2016 Poll Results: The State of Mopar

At Allpar, we traditionally do an end-of-year reader survey. This year, it was a short one, asking for the best and worst of FCA and Allpar, and which cars people are looking forward to.

We made a core mistake by having more than seven choices per item - Google Surveys only shows up to seven choices per person, so the numbers will be a bit off. Oops. My fault. But then, I wouldn't have predicted some of the results.

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For a while, it looked like the Charger T/A or Charger Daytona was going to win, but then, simply staying alive turned up as the top item. 55-64 year olds really liked the new Hemi retrofit kit, and people 45-54 really liked the Pacifica Hybrid, which did surprisingly well. Most of the results are in a statistical dead heat, really, with the top three items all statistically indistinguishable, and the middle field likely to switch positions at any moment. Only winning the NHRA Manufacturer's Cup was set off from the others.

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No surprises for the worst thing FCA US did in 2016; ending the Dart and 200 was seen as worst by 40% of respondents. Closing the Chrysler museum came in second, and then ending the Viper.

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Now we ask which of these predicted cars people are really looking forward to, and again, there are more than seven choices so some people could not pick the choice they wanted; Google also demanded that we include "none of the above" which ended up being the second choice. There's a clear preference for that new Dodge sedan, followed by the Wrangler-based pickup, though we suspect sales won't support those preferences. Durango and Grand Cherokee performance upgrades came in near the bottom but above the "answer to a question few asked" hybrid Ram 1500. Ford, incidentally, just announced their intent to create a hybrid F-150.

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At Allpar, revealing new information and rumors took top place by a huge margin; thankfully, many were also happy we stayed around for another year. As for changes to the top of the page, most people either thought they were about the same or better than before. The open ends, which we'll study more later, were dominated by "keep doing what you're doing" and similar supportive comments - which I, for one, very much appreciate!

There you have it. If you took the survey - thank you. If you didn't - next year is just 12 months away.

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