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Allpar Fall Meet at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, sponsored by catNET

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The meet at the Chrysler museum was such a success, we've decided to call it the "first annual" Allpar meet at the WPC Museum. Attendees enjoyed a walking buffet dinner on October 29, 2005 from 6pm until midnight, touring the W.P. Chrysler Museum (the tour and dinner were sponsored by catNET, Incorporated of Shelby Township, MI.) A good number of people showed up, some driving eleven hours (there were no less than two Pennsylvania contingents), and some coming from an entirely different country. We really have to thank them because they made the event worth coming to!

An awards presentation at 8 pm was held, and catNET, Inc. gave away door prizes to five lucky winners.

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catNET also had a special, pre-release showing of their Dodge Dakota show truck with a newly designed dashboard conversion to allow the installation of modern navigation systems into the Dakota and Durango. Visitors were surprised at the perfect-fit OEM look. (catNET absorbed the cost of admission and the meal for all participants.)

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There were three videos constantly running in the auditorium on the history of Chrysler Corporation, racing and performance, and "howzitwork."

The EEK contingent was strongly represented, with a number of active forum participants such as Matilda7016, mstanhope, wheatking, and stratuscaster in attendance (and under their real names); there were also current and retired Chrysler employees, including Allpar contributor Pete Hagenbuch and Bob Sheaves, and of course Allpar founder David Zatz. From six to eight, most people toured the museum and ate; afterwards, people socialized and met those they had electronically conversed with for so long.

The museum itself has two main display floors, filled at the moment with hot rods and altered-stock racing cars from the current exhibit, and a basement, which has older vintage vehicles and muscle cars.

We hope you can get a small feel of it from these photos - most of which, we're sorry to say, were taken early, before most people showed up!

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Chrysler 1904-2018

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