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Allpar Summer Mini-Meets, 2006

Go to the first ever Allpar East Coast meet!

Allpar does not expect you to drive hundreds of miles to either event, to reserve a hotel room, etc. We really only urge you to come if you happen to be in the area. Given that New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country, I think we should be able to attract a few people though!

New Milford, NJ: September 30, 9 am to 3 pm

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This was an enjoyable, relatively small show, with about sixty cars showing up that ranged from very early antiques to a 2007 Mitsubishi. Also in the range were an army Jeep, Volkswagen minibus, near-perfect Superbird and 440 Challenger, restored Barracuda and Daytona (the 1990s variety), several ricer cars (two with Lambo-type doors), some hot rods, and a sprinkling of "ordinary classics." Classic rock was played at a reasonable volume, and there was lots of conversation and socializing; there didn't seem to be much "auto snobbery," and everyone seemed to get treated with respect.

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The show was in New Milford, sponsored by Rusted Relics, with proceeds going to the church. Show fees were low at $10 in advance ($15 at the door) with food at $1 for a bagel and $2 for a slice. Admission for spectators was free. Trophies, prizes, and dash plaques were given; there was a pretty wide range of trophies, three for each featured decade plus three "people's choice." The location was convenient to Route 4, Route 17, and the Parkway.

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We gave out free Allpar hats to people who found us and mentioned the site.

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New Brunswick, NJ: October 8 (had to use the rain date)

Video clip!

We really meant to go to this. Really, really, really. Among other things, it's one of the few shows where our Valiant isn't totally overpowered by a huge showing of muscle cars; and it's completely free of cars which are unique only by virtue of having tens of thousands of dollars of added audio-video equipment and massive add-on spoilers. Unfortunately, having an entire family come down with a virus that virulently attacks the throat doesn't help, and driving while dizzy is not a good idea...especially in a 1974 standard-performance car. So at the last minute we had to give it a miss, but we learned something for next year: always have someone else ready to represent you if you can't make it!

We'll have photos and more from the event soon. This is what organizer Ben Deutschman wrote:

We did have a few people at the Meet yesterday who found us through your posting on Allpar, and I think they were happy with our little Meet. Of course I did manage to leave the trophies home, but my wife and son ran back with her car and got them. Then I almost forgot to raffle off the 'Applebees' 'Dinner-For-Two' vouchers, and the Eastwood 'Bucks' voucher, however, I did remember them at the last minute, after a couple of people had already thrown out their unused 50/50 Raffle Tickets.

The good news, the weather was perfect, NO ONE left without at least two bottles of some kind of Meguiars Detailing product, one new member took a first place with his 1961 Dodge Pioneer, another a second with her 1968 Dodge Dart, and a lady with a 1969 Dart Custom, who found us from a flyer I gave out at the Jackson Outlet Mall Cruise Night, took a first place in the 1967-69 Mid-Late class. One couple from Staten Island, who found us through Allpar, took a second place trophy with their 1978 Volare.

A HUGE thanks has to go out to the folks at Meguiars Car Care Products, who generously donated over 3 dozen bottles of product for us to distribute to our Meet participants. Some of the product was given to the first 20 vehicles that registered, and some was used as part of our 50/50 Raffle 2nd Chance Prize offerings, and boy did some of you go home well equipped with Meguiars detailing products.

The Stuart Warner company also is owed a thank you, for their donation of a Digital Shift Gauge and product catalogs. The Shift Gauge was our first item in line for the 50/50 Raffle 2nd chance prize items. The gauge was won by one of our guests for the day Niamh (pronounced Neeve) Byrne. Niamh will be joining our Club soon.

As you now know, we had to go to our Rain Date, but all-in-all, and despite having to share space in the parking lot with the Museum's other guests for the day, things went pretty well. The weather was picture perfect, we saw some new faces at this year's event, and missed those regulars who couldn't attend. It wasn't a perfect day, but it was fun, and we'd love to see our guests come back for 2007, and maybe see those members who weren't able to make it to this year's meet.

A special thanks to Brian Gough of "BG Signs" (973-305-1300), who made up 5 beautiful, reusable signs for us, that direct people to our event, tell them where to stop for pictures, and where the "Registration Table" is.

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