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Alternator pulley / serpentine belt noise

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2007 T&C with 3.3. I had the original alternator pulley replaced with a solid metal one. (I hoped it would solve an intermittent engine noise, but it did not.) Now there is sometimes a sort of rumbling/vibrating sound that comes and goes; it is especially noticeable when idling and the AC compressor engages and disengages.

I think the sound is made by the serpentine belt, and the solid metal pulley on the alternator is the reason.

The original pulley has some sort of clutch feature that allows slippage, to even out the travel of the serp belt. I would like to put that type of pulley back on. I see several different brands at Rock Auto, Which one to choose, or ones to avoid? Or buy only OEM from a dealer?
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You may want a 'decoupling pulley' back on the alternator. The solid one is most likely your noise.
Mopar doesn't offer a pulley separately (you need to get the alternator), but there are aftermarket sources for the pulley.
I have heard of mixed success rates with replacing only the pulley which may be why Mopar doesn't offer it separately?
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