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Looking for aluminum head suggestions for our ol 74 dodge truck..... (and I absolutely DO NOT WANT ANY JUNK FROM 440 SOURCE.... I can't express that enough)
So here's what we're working with here.
440bbl bored .40 over
.509 purple shaft cam
Steel crank
Currently running a set of worked over 346 cast heads
Headman ceramic coated headers
Edelbrock dual carb aluminum intake with 2x 600cfm edelbrock carbs
(If you need any more numbers just holler and I'll try to tell you what I know.. if I don't know I can ask the ol )
Throwing around the idea of switching to aluminum heads
Looking to buy already assembled... ready to bolt on

Not wanting to have to change 500 other things. Wanting to get as close to bolt on and go and we can.
And ABSOLUTELY has to run on pump gas.
Any suggestions?

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I got a set of Edelbrocks when they first came out. I have been pretty pleased with them, did a port touch-up on them, but they were pretty decent right out of the box. No matter what aftermarket heads you use, adjustable rockers and pushrods are needed, along with head bolts with washers for the heads. I don't know of any aluminum heads that say stock rockers and stock head bolts are good to go. And yes, they do run on pump gas without a problem.
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