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Am I still a Member?

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  • I have been a member of AllPar for year or so, it seems, However last grou of messages received was Feb 6, 13. Maybe no messages since then but if so, sure want to be added back as a member. I'm a retired Insurance adjuster and majority of company vehicles I drove were Plymouths - Valiants adn Belvedeers equipped with slant 6's and manual trans. I averaged about 45,,000 miles per year and lease company replaced vehicles at 65,000 miles, so I got a new vehilcle every year and a half as a rule. Never once did my Mopay brfand break down and leave me stranded.
  • Assume my return address with be on this message - I don't mind messages but not spam
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The Feb 6, 2013 message date is a forum software bug that we're all experiencing with our browsers - on and off, the Most Recent messages are not showing up properly. Suggested workaround is to clear your browser cache, log out and log in again. I'm having daily issues with it, as are others.
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