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ammeter fluttering

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I have a 1970 challenger rt/se.I have put in all new wiring from M&H,new 65amp altenator,new voltage rg,new ammeter.For some reason when I turn on lights or turn signal the ammeter goes crazy,it flutters big time even at hight idle.All grounds seem to be good,so what next anyone have any ideas.
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The original alternator was possibly a 35 amp unit. The older cars ran all the charge current through the ammeter in the dash, a potentially hazardous design. I'm guessing that your higher amp alternator is pegging the old meter, because the old meter is designed for 35 amps max.

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Nope. He's still pulling the same current as before, just has more charging capacity. The gauge should respond the same. Could be a poor ground connection.
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