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AN: ’13 Challenger V6 fire risk (updated)

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Chrysler Group is recalling 2013 Dodge Challengers to address a short-circuit which can cause a fire. While only around 2,500 cars are affected, Chrysler said they were aware of seven “incidents,” with no injuries.  The company said owners should stop driving their cars immediately, and contact their dealers; free loaners are being provided. They were also told not to park in or near any structures to avoid the chance of setting them on fire. This action affects only 2013 Dodge Challengers assembled with V-6 engines during an eight-week period ending January 24, 2013. The total number of cars affected is 4,459 Challengers, but 1,900 have not yet been sold. According to Larry Vellequette’s coverage in Automotive News, a vendor sent faulty electrical components used only with that engine and car to the factory; workers tried to use the components, and their repair caused the fire hazard. The Challenger V8 and other..

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