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Despite earlier reports that the Durango would not be surviving to a new generation, the 2014 Dodge Durango is indeed moving along, according to insiders, with the first test cars coming down the assembly line later this month. Changes are expected to mirror the Grand Cherokee, with the new eight-speed automatics across the board, PowerNet electronics, UConnect 2, upgraded Magenti Marelli optics in front and rear, and, we’re told, racetrack tail-lamps in back, bringing Dodge’s new trademark look to its third car after Charger and Dart. Due to the lower volume of Durango sales, we do not expect to see the diesel option or an SRT8 version. If diesel orders are extremely high, though — especially among actual end users, as opposed to cars ordered by dealers “on spec” — adding a diesel option would not be a difficult engineering feat, only an expensive one (due to the additional..

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