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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokees are showing up at dealerships outside of the Detroit metro area now, with at least one report of the new SUV on a Chicago lot. The brief period of time before the official launch (in January) and the availability on dealer lots may be a first for 21st-century Chrysler; previously, new cars were unveiled long before customers could actually order them, much less find them on the lots.

Allpar reader "y2kyamr6" added that the Jeep Liberty replacement has shown up on the ordering system, though it currently can't be ordered, simply as “KL” (the body code). Despite production being scheduled for May, no name has been officially released, or put onto Chrysler’s systems. Some expect it to be Cherokee, the name still used across the world for what is called Liberty in the US, based on a comment made during the Detroit Auto Show...

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