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The Mad Duck said:
Other Than the New T-Town Cherokee V-1 Day is the Middle of May I Have NO Clue on the New 5-Year Plan.

And the Alfa Alphabet Soup is "UL, UT, BA, & PA" Some One Else Can Decode It I CAN'T.

As Far As Forbes Goes in the Famous Words of Richard Pryor "Suck What"!

According to the master body code list in 'chrysler chat' from oh2o, UL was old code for Liberkee, UT was Avenger replacement. Most U codes were D-USW platform siblings. P codes are C-USW's. B code--no idea. Possibly SUSW/SCSS things, such as next gen MiTo, and 500L, 500X, Jeep Bseg.
My guess is PA is Alfa C-cuv, BA is Jeep B-segment. But that's a stab in the dark.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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