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Fresh from collecting the lion's share of awards from the Texas Auto Writers Association's 2013 Spring Auto Roundup, Chrysler Group reported its 37th month of year-over-year sales improvements. While Chrysler had the smallest sales growth of the Detroit Three automakers, it easily maintained its fourth-place standing in the automaker ranks. Chrysler's market share rose to 12.2% from 11.9% as the hometown gang came close to taking half the market, something we haven't seen in a while. Chrysler, Ford and GM added 2.1 points to their aggregate share to claim 47.2% of the pie. The Ram brand had an outstanding month. With sales leaping 48.7%, Ram pickups posted the highest improvement of any full-size truck in a month when full-size truck sales surged 27.0%, triple the  8.5% growth of the total light vehicle market. The Ram moved up to No. 5 in the overall rankings for the month. Even while..

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