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AN: AWD Charger Pursuit for '14

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Dodge is making it easer and safer for law enforcement officers to get where they're needed, no matter what the conditions. In response to customer demand, and with the assistance of Chrysler Group’s Police Advisory Board, the Dodge Charger Pursuit will make all wheel drive (AWD) optional on the 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine beginning with the 2014 model year. The Dodge Charger’s AWD system uses a segment-exclusive active transfer case and front-axle-disconnect system for better gas mileage. Chrysler Group engineers have already started testing the Charger Pursuit AWD, which must meet the company's police pursuit durability cycle to handle the extreme conditions of police use.

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I might look to pick up one of those in oh, 2019 or so, when being retired...

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Look for a demo.

Beware, they wont be cheap. They bid out for about $1000 more than the RWD Hemi Pursuit, which is +/- $23,500 for the 2014 cars.
Never pay more than that for one with super low miles. I've seen 2 for sale, fully equipped, for $28,000, though the lights and siren would have to come out, so that's $4-5000 right there.
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