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Mexican sales WILL continue to fall, Now that Hyundai will no longer supply vehicles to Chrysler Mexico, sales will continue to fall, Chrysler isn't selling LX cars, those vehicle sales are very, very low, it's even a shame to post them, Dart isn't selling at all, no matter those huge rebates the car isn't seeling well.

Hertz Mexico is helping a lot Chrysler, they bought a lot of vehicles that Chrysler was unable to sell, like Dart, 300, Charger and Towns.
Of course Hertz also bought a lot of Hyundais and recently they also helped with unsold 500.

Chrysler dealers are not happy at all without the Hyundai products, they used to sell them well and they have now a very big stock of parts, Chrysler told them that they will fill the gap with Fiats, but dealers aren't happy with that decision, Fiats are not selling well in Mexico.

Ford is now selling products to the police, so Chrysler doesn't anymore, many of us are happy about it, because when Chrysler started selling fleets to police, goverment, bodyguards and so, retail sales went to the floor, nobody wants now an LX vehicle or an Avenger.

Mexico sells well Jeeps and Journeys, not even the Ram is selling very well.

Tiugh times ahead for Chrysler Mexico again, competitors like Ford, Honda GM, Toyota and Nissan are selling much better.

BTW, in front of the Mexican HQ there is an almost new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Fiat dealer, customers aren't happy with the kind of sales and service practices, customers who are taking their vehicles for a routine mantainance service, takes them almost THREE weeks!!

The manager says, Chrysler makes him waste a lot of time with all those reports they need to fill, and Chrysler employees want their vehicles serviced first, so customers must wait, almost three weeks for an il change, lub and rotation !!

That's the way to LOSE customers, where is the Mexican CEO ? why isn't he watching such kind of problems??

I'm sorry, he is busy now, he must go at least twice a day to Chrysler's Gym !!

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