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AN: Canada up, Mexico down

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Canada Chrysler Canada reported its best year to date sales since the Daimler takeover in 1998, as well as its 45th consecutive month of year-over-year sales growth, with nearly 22,000 cars sold in August 2013. Sales were up 7% over August 2012.

Chrysler is the second biggest automaker in Canada, around 12,000 sales behind Ford (year to date). GM sold 21,091 cars this month, and Ford sold 27,268. Chrysler sold 36,761 passenger car sales year to date; Dodge Journey remains the best selling crossover, with 2,551 sold in August. The company provided the following tables to highlight specific vehicles:


Mexican sales continued their fall as new leadership has reportedly slashed fleet sales, letting sales find a more natural level and preparing for organic growth. Industry observer “Mr. Source” wrote that by cutting government sales, given domestic conditions, Chrysler is laying the groundwork for greater retail sales. Ram, Fiat,..

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The nr.1 factor that will drive sales down is the decision by Hyundai to go it alone. They need some competitive products to fill that gap pronto.

For the rest, service has always sucked, and will continue to do so apparently, but they used to sell more before under the same conditions, so not a driving factor. I agree that not selling cars to the police was the 100% right move.

Don't know much about Cattori, but if he's a slacker like its being suggested, he will find the blunt part of a size 10 up his behind pretty soon I suspect.
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