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AN: Canadians set new world record with Ram trucks

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Canadian owners of Dodge and Ram pickups entered the Guinness Book of Records on Saturday, August 25, as they created the world's “Longest Parade of Ram and Dodge Pickup Trucks” Led by a driver in the new 2013 Ram 1500, 273 proud vehicle owners gathered at the Dresden, Ontario raceway to successfully break the existing Guinness World Record. The parade spanned more than two kilometres (1.2 miles) throughout the Dresden Raceway and surrounding streets. The event was part of the Ram Rodeo, an 11-stop tour that ranges across southern Ontario, showcasing competitive rodeo skills performed by professional cowboys and cowgirls. The Ram Rodeo Tour was created 15 years ago to showcase the historical sport of rodeo while raising funds for community projects. With more cowboys and cowgirls than ever before, the Ram Rodeo Tour provides a first rate chance to compete within the Canadian Cowboy's Association for championship buckles,..

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